Steel Cups

I love the sound of a ball rattling around in the cup after a made putt. I used to joke around that, the sound was my alarm clock and I would never get out of bed because I loved the sound. I especially love the sound of old cups, that were made out of steel? Not sure they were steel, but they were not the current cups, which are made out of plastic. Growing up at Harding Park the practice green had plastic, not very shallow cups and the golf course had deep steel cups. This made draining a putt on the big course even better. I feel like when someone made a putt on the course we all just stood on the green and listened until the ball found the bottom of the cup. Sometimes if I go to a small 9 hole course, in the middle of nowhere, the cups will be steel and it will feel like I’m 14 again. I can’t get enough of that sound.

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