Golf Buddies

A reflection on everything I love about golf. Today – Golf Buddies

My number one golf buddy is Brian, also known as the One Eyed Golfer or OEG. I call him Beazy. I’d say of my last 100 rounds we’ve played 90 of those together. He loves the game and loves Harding Park. The latter is big for me. He is genuinely interested and listens intently when I tell endless stories about my Dad and growing up there. Post round always includes a Cortado for him and an espresso for me. Mostly though, I just love hanging with him on a golf course, he’s chill and we have a lot of laughs.

Jack. Jack and I partner up every year in his invitational and have a standing monthly golf date. Jack practices like a tour pro, takes lessons regularly, has a golf fitness routine, and a team of professionals who work on his body. He’s all in, total commitment to be the best player he can be. He’s quiet on the golf course, but not shut off to conversation, is funny and while he tries hard he knows how silly golf can be. He used to take lessons from me and I beat into his head the necessity of hitting his putts high and long. In our first alternate shot event as partners, I was so focused on high and long, (my speed was awful that day) I kept leaving him downhill 6’ comebackers. To this day every time he misses a putt, or for that matter anytime either of us misses a putt, he says “High and Long!” and laughs. It’s actually pretty funny, most of the time. Jack and I are simpatico on the golf course, it’s easy, and he’s all about it which makes it fun for me.

Joe B. One of the best post round car rides I’ve had was with Joe. We played in the Pride event at Harding and on the way home we had a conversation I’ll never forget. I love Joe B like a Dad. On the course, he’s always talking trash, cracking jokes, and trying not to try too hard. He’s the golf buddy who is out there to hangout with his friends and enjoy the occasional good shot. He is a good natured smart ass, if that makes sense. The last time we played, he showed up in the middle of the 6th hole, dropped a ball, then took a mulligan, played 7 holes and left on the 13th green. Classic JB. Now that I think of it he is the exact opposite of Jack on the course and I love it.

These are my golf buddies, all different and all a blast to play golf with.

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