The Moment of Impact

A reflection on everything I love about golf. Today – The Moment of Impact.

What I love about the moment of impact is the silence. Everything goes blank, it is the one time where my conscious mind is a not actively thinking about something. Knowing this I’m surprised I don’t hit hundreds of balls everyday. The truth is for most of my formative years I did hit hundreds and hundreds of golf balls on a daily basis. This combined with playing, putting, and short game practice created a pretty peaceful mind, most of the time. The golf course was always my oasis or safe place where I felt most comfortable. Today it is the same. I don’t feel more myself, more at ease, or more comfortable in my own skin as I do when I’m playing golf.

It makes sense to me that when I transitioned from playing professionally to teaching golf, I really struggled emotionally and physically until I found mediation and yoga. I love that golf is always a there for me, I can always go to that moment of silence to get quiet and more comfortable in my own skin. A big reason why I love golf.

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