The #1 Thing You MUST do to Master Your Golf Game

The #1 Thing You MUST do to Master Your Golf Game


I’ve spent decades coaching golfers how to improve their game. Out of all the tips I could share, I can’t stress enough that the #1 thing you must do to master your golf game is this: Improve your swing mechanics.


How to Improve Your Mechanics in Golf

You have to move the golf club and your body in a specific manner to produce consistent results when you swing. To that end, there are 10 main positions you must practice and perfect:


  • Position 1, the grip, controls the clubface and the clubface controls where the ball goes, so it is our #1 priority.
  • Position 2 is when the golf club is parallel to the ground in the backswing (hip height) and is a vital step in setting up the rest of the swing.
  • Position 3 is the halfway back position in the golf swing when the left arm is parallel to the ground. 
  • Position 4 is the top of backswing position. Typically, the club shaft will be parallel or just short of parallel to the ground in this position.
  • Position 5 is the transition from backswing to downswing, the change of direction.
  • Position 6 is when the club is parallel to the ground in the downswing. P6 is also known as the delivery position.
  • Position 7 is impact, the most important position in the golf swing.
  • Position 8 is shaft parallel to the ground on the follow through side of impact. 
  • Position 9 is the halfway through position, a mirror image of P2.
  • Position 10 is the follow through and is important in shaping the previous 9 positions. 


All of these Positions have margins of success built into them. So your swing is going to have some differences from but also share some similarities with great swingers of the golf club… as long as you commit to the process of the 10 Step Swing. If you have never played golf and want to start in 2024, I am extremely excited for you! Know that you have a system to create outstanding technique that will produce excellent results by diving into the process!

The 10 Step swing is a guideline based in physics.  My course, The 10 Step Swing is designed to teach you everything you need to know to improve the mechanics of your golf swing. Learn the posture, positioning, and micro-movements that Tour Pros use to excel at the game of golf. The more you improve your mechanics, the better your game. The better your game, the more inspired you’ll be to play. Click here to enroll now!

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