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Adult Instruction

No two golfers are alike and because of that I work with each student on the swinging motion that is fundamental to them and the ability of their body.

Junior Instruction

My interest and expertise is in developing young men and women into lifelong golfers.

World Class Facilities

Years in the making, the Spartan Golf Complex is now ready to welcome you into the next era of Spartan Golf. 


Don Allio

Don Allio believes in a complete approach to game improvement. This is accomplished by addressing all aspects of the game including full swing, short game, course management, practice techniques, mental training, golf fitness, and properly fitted equipment. His goal is for each student to come away with a plan for game improvement that is comprehensive and individually tailored.




Spartan Golf Complex

Years in the making, the Spartan Golf Complex is now ready to welcome you into the next era of Spartan Golf. Our state-of-the-art facility offers an expansive grass driving range, challenging short game practice areas, and cutting-edge training technology.


100,000 Square Feet


55,000 Square Feet


17,000 Square Feet

TPI Screening



“As a TPI certified instructor, I offer numerous specialized services to improve a players performance, including comprehensive physical assessments (TPI screen), personalized training programs, injury prevention strategies, swing mechanics instruction, and collaboration with other professionals.”

Ryan K. Founder

"Don helped simplify the golf swing, limit the thoughts in my head, and worked with my natural swing. He didn't try to re-invent my swing, Seen most improvement with my short game. I am confident from any where around green (even the sand), and consistently close. I would recommend seeing Don no matter what level golfer you are."

Ryne F. Founder

"After he adjusted my grip, my slice disappeared. He then taught me a drill to improve my overall swing. By the end of the lesson, I was in awe. Not only did he immediately fix my swing, but he gave me the tools I needed to continue to improve on my own. I will be going to Don for all my training needs from now on. I would highly recommend Don to anyone looking to improve their golf game."

Justin L. Founder

"Just had a lesson on Wednesday and it could not have gone any better. Coach asked me multiple questions and processed my feed back. Played at cinnabar on Friday and cut off 15 strokes. Needless to say I will be back for more help"

Garret J. Founder

"Don is a true pro. Calm patient and the ability to break down the golf swing in phases is very beneficial."



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