San Jose Country Club is nestled in the East Foothills of San Jose, California.

Founded in 1899, the club has a long tradition of being the home of golf in San Jose.

San Jose Country Club is known for having greens that are fast and in immaculate condition.

The course is a balance of left to right holes and right to left holes.

San Jose Country Club is an 18 hole private country club known for being in excellent condition with extremely challenging greens. The green complexes challenge the best players and make SJCC a very difficult golf course to score on. When speaking with golfers familiar with the golf course, the greens, how good and difficult they are, is consistently a topic of conversation. Aside from the 18 golf course, SJCC distinguishes itself with a large short game area, a putting green, driving range, and a chipping green.

What makes the practice areas at San Jose Country Club different from other golf courses is the short game practice facilities. The larger of the 2 practice areas offers every shot imaginable to the golfer looking to develop his game. In addition to these facilities, there also is an indoor studio where Don Allio uses the latest in golf technology to enhance his students lessons. These technologies include a FlightScope radar device which measures 27 data points related to the golf club and golf ball flight. BodiTrak technology is also used during lessons. BodiTrak is a pressure mat used to measure ground pressure distribution during the golf swing. For more information about both of these products, please see our detailed section on both products.

San Jose Country Club Golf Course Amenities Include:
18 Hole Golf Course
Driving Range
Putting Green
Chipping Green
Large Short Game Practice Area


The elders of the club believe two factors; the fast and challenging greens, combined with the balance of narrow left to right and right to left tee shots are part of the reason why SJCC has produced so many good players. Ken Venturi, the 1964 U.S. Open Champion called San Jose Country Club home during his college career as well as Roger Maltbie, PGA Tour winner, grew up near the club and has called it home his entire career. Most recently, Stanford All-American and PGA Tour player, Joseph Bramlett grew up on the narrow fairways and immaculate greens of SJCC. Other phenomenal players, such as Jay Myers, Greg Galasso, and Steve Woods call San Jose Country Club home. There are currently a handful of excellent junior players developing at the club. The list goes on and on. Many consider SJCC a talent hotbed. A place, for many reasons that has produced and continues to produce really good golfers.

Golf Instruction at San Jose Country Club

Eddie Duino the Head Professional professional for over 40 years was a legendary instructor and player. He was a sought after instructor and taught players such as: Roger Maltbie and Ken Venturi, Jack and Eli Bariteau, Hank Lucente, Greg Galasso, and Gary and Barbara Vandeweghe to name just a few. When Eddie Duino retired in 1969, Gary Plato took over and was also a sought after golf instructor. Mr. Plato developed a junior program that created a love for golf amongst his players. Two of his proteges, Chris Clark and Pat Quinn, went on the be President of the Northern California Golf Association and have both done extensive work developing junior programs for underprivileged youth. The next great instructor at San Jose Country Club was Bill Johnson, who worked at the club for a decade starting in 2003. He is legendary instructor who balanced a strong technical understanding of the golf swing with an innate understanding of how golfers learn. Junior golfers as well as top amateur players came to Bill by the hundreds to get a touch of the knowledge he offered. During the Bill Johnson era, San Jose CC was like the field of dreams, players just kept coming and coming.

Golf, family, and community are the foundation of San Jose Country Club.

The passion for the game of golf is the adhesive bond of this community. When I meet potential members or new members and describe the essence of our club I always talk about the people. I have been a part of San Jose Country Club for the past 20 years first as a member, then as Assistant Professional and now as the full time Teaching Professional. The membership loves golf. We have the 9 Hole Group on Tuesdays, the standard groups who play on Wednesday and Fridays, the 18 Hole Group on Thursdays and of course the Weekend players. Some of the weekend players even add a day of golf on Friday afternoon. Lately, I hear music playing in some groups in additional to the jovial laughter I am used to hearing.

Bottom line: San Jose Country Club is a great place to be. Visit the San Jose Country Club website for more information.

San Jose Country Club is a private golf club but is open to the public for tournaments, outings, private and group lessons.