About Don Allio

PGA Teaching Professional, The Spartan Golf Complex.

Don Allio believes in a complete approach to game improvement. This is accomplished by addressing all aspects of the game including full swing, short game, course management, practice techniques, mental training, golf fitness, and properly fitted equipment. His goal is for each student to come away with a plan for game improvement that is comprehensive and individually tailored.

You have an individual golf swing and a personal style of play. Don recognizes your unique characteristics, and that’s why his teaching focuses on evaluating and enhancing your individual golf game. Don’s teaching philosophy is based on the fact that you cannot standardize the golf swing. It’s important to develop the golf swing around the student’s capabilities to determine what is the most efficient way for the student to swing the golf club. Don will take what the student is currently doing and try to improve upon it, keeping the swing changes within the style of the student.

Individual programs are based on the student’s goals and the amount of time he or she has to practice. Each student is different in his physical condition and abilities. Prior to each students first session, we will establish what the student would like to achieve through his or her lessons. Ideally, Don will get the opportunity to watch a new student play and evaluate his or her needs. Improved mechanics definitely translate to better golf shots. Don wants to make sure those better shots are helping you score better.